Pixelpush is a boutique multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on video.



"Cut through the noise of the internet.
We make content that we'd want to watch ourselves."

Pixelpush is an award winning multidisciplinary design studio with a strong focus on motion design.
Run by Han Law and SiewWee Hng, we work closely with design, comms and marketing agencies, as well as clients
to create concise, charming communication content - Mainly in the form of moving images/ video.

What do we make?
We make videos.
Our design process spans across pre-production through to post production,
this means that if you wanted to, you'd get the whole package:
Ideation, script, storyboards, voiceover tracks, designed elements, photography and style-frames through to social edits. 



Our process is simple.
Listen. Ask. Simplify. Create
...then do it all over again


Some folks we've made videos for:


Case Studies. 
Insights to some of our selected projects.


Case study 01 - Plexure. Brand video

How do you articulate the services of a company who makes the intelligent technology powering one of the worlds most successful QSR apps?

Drawing from the brand’s core-concept of ‘frictionless’, a story is woven around the journey through various scenarios to showcase how Plexure’s intelligent solutions help smoothen the experience. A bespoke graphical look and feel was developed for the brand.

An engaging brand promotional tool to articulate Plexure’s services at the NRA 2018 conference in Chicago. Design guide informs the brand's aesthetics beyond the video into Blog-posts & infographics .

Case study 02 - OPEN campaign

How do you create an effective wake-up call that is non intrusive?

Traditional banks need to come out of their silo-ed innovation efforts in order to create payment solutions that work well with each other- quicker, simpler and safer.  Paymark being at the forefront of payments sees themselves as the perfect ubiquitous situation to call in all the banks to work together- We're asked to craft a piece of communication to intrigue and invite.

Working with Paymark, we distilled the concept down to the concept of "Open", from there, built into a narrative to showcase the serious yet sensitive topic in an inviting, light-hearted way.

Paymark owning the concept of "OPEN". Video with more than 88,000 views in the two months, During the Fintech awards, this video informs part of Paymark's OPEN campaign which has prompted the finance minister to urge all the banks to come together by the end of the year to form a memorandum to work together and create more Open ways of banking.

Case study 03 - No Issue (explainer video)

How do you get potential customers intrigued and excited about this clever new service which enables users to easily order and custom design personalised wrapping tissues?

Distill the essence from existing brand ethos, UI, ordering process as well as the catchy name, Craft a piece of key content that is intriguing and visually engaging by focusing on one key overarching idea :  the brand mantra- “No Issue(s)”.

Multiple shorter edits were made for Social media to accompany the core content. The video has been viewed 47,000 times in less than 5months, and continuous to be an instrumental conversion tool for the website and business. 


Case study 04 - i3 brand video

How do you create awareness and create a positive message to invite people from different levels and backgrounds to start a conversation about better Healthcare?

The healthcare system is commonly seen to be complex and intimidating. By using metaphors we are able to construct a narrative and pair it with interesting but not overly cartoony visuals to be able to get the messages across in an engaging and friendly tone.
(I3- is a newly formed innovation arm funded by the Waitemata DHB. Its aim is to challenge the status quo and find new ways of improvement and betterment for the complex healthcare system in the district. ) 

The video is used as a crucial communication tool to set the tone and voice for the brand, it is a representation of it's ethos as well as it's mission.