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Product video

Flexpaper - Set your PDF documents free

Project details:

Tired of pinching, zooming and squinting when dealing with PDF documents? Transform your PDF documents into a responsive format with Flexpaper: Reflow --- and you can use it on any device or platform!

We were tasked to communicate the idea and to get the viewers interested to learn more. Recognising that the key to getting the message across is that the audience needed to be excited about the product, So, rather than creating just another informative how-to video, we pitched the idea of creating a stop-motion animated teaser that would pique the viewer’s interest enough so that they get the core concept immediately and then are encouraged to try the product out. 

The stop-motion execution using real life found/made objects was proposed specifically to reflect the values of Flexpaper on how this software is made with the core concept of respecting the integrity of the 'contents' and recognising how each element in the document is placed, spaced and reflowed to allow for a pleasant viewing experience. 

This project is the perfect collision of thinking, challenging, distilling, fun, meaning/metaphors and style! Erik and Camilla the clients are the best to work with as we were given the trust to create the vision and challenge each other to create this amazing piece. This is our proudest project so far!

Check out the awesome making of here :


Collaboration between: LUC Design | Pixelpush 


Client // Flexpaper
Concept, Direction // Han Law, Dylan du Plessis
Script // Dylan du Plessis
Animation & Design Direction // Siew Wee H'ng, Han Law

Sound design // Shaun Clifford, Nigel Foster

Production team //
Han Law . Dylan du Plessis
Siew Wee Hng . Tammie Leong
Amane Cardenas . Gil Gonzalez
Josh Ruha . Emilio

Special thanks //
Christophe Jannin & Napoleon the cat
Anna Purkis . Shaun Clifford
Cathryn Ellis . Gilaad Amir
Joseph Michael . Nigel Foster
Pippa Silverton . Margaret Lewis
Anne Harper . Ling Khor
Helen Clegg . Laura Marsh