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GIF graphics for milk


Animated illustrations for MILK
5th June 2019

Cost estimation.

(Calculation based on hourly rate of 125/hr)
12 x animated loop-clips at an estimated 2-3 hours each to make = $3,000 to $4,500

* Happy to work with total fixed budget of $3,500+gst to create all 12 animations.
Actual project timings TBD- suggest to allocate 2 weeks from commencement.


  1. Suggest to pick and animate the first illustration to ensure that we are all on the right track. (visually and technically)

  2. Once the first one is approved, we’ll move forward to confirm ideas for all remaining illustrations, then start animating the rest.

  3. Finalise all animations & deliver in agreed format**

    **Delivery format: .mov or mp4, GIF with alpha/transparency.
    (option to deliver as code-JSON format to be discussed)


Some relevant examples of animated graphics/illustrations from our previous projects:


A collection of slightly animated mascots for use in a running app.
(Final file is exported as JSON code)



Abstract shapes with dynamic movements to suggest form and space.
(Design direction by AKIN)


Transitioning between figures and characters using hand-drawn cel animated lines bring to life a ‘heavier’ narrative.


Collage of lively animated shapes with textures and block colours to convey a complex message with an approachable look and feel.

Animated event intro for huge LED backdrop screen- along with custom designed audio track.
(Design direction ALT GROUP)