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Project Journey:  i3 intro video
Client : Institute of Innovation and Improvement.
( Penny/Jay/Robin/Sasha/Rebecca/Lindsay )

00. Brief 

To create a first promo video to introduce i3.

This video sits on the main website and is used to set the introductory tone for what i3 is.
The purpose of this video is to pique the interest of the viewers so that they will want to find out more after the video.

01. Ideation

There are 2 main types of video contents: Promotional( introductory )  & Instructional ( Explanatory ).
For this initial project, we have established that we are making an Introductory video for i3

It needs to be sharp in it’s messaging and flow with an approachable tone using quick scenarios
of personas as access points and keeping technical terms and the in-depth how-to’s to a minimal.
We are conveying a mentality of possibilities, and we want the viewer to walk away
understanding that i3 represents that. 

Clear messaging, focused on the purpose of the video. Not trying to do way too much.
Leaves the viewer wanting to find out more.
Visual and Narrative to compliment each other = smart.

Reference for Script Structure:


02. Script:

Latest Script  - ( Version 3 )

it may seem that the Health System is way too complicated.  
The Truth is, it doesn’t have to be … 

Think again, wouldn’t it make sense to have a system simply built around you? 

You may want to have a say in how things work...  
and share your experiences,  
What if You had an idea? 

So that’s You stuck in a hospital bed, 

You - if you can’t be there, 

You - who need to be in more places than one.

All of us can make a difference ~  
i3 helps you turn ideas into reality.

Here, you’ll find help from  
Doctors and Patients, Scientists and Engineers, Anthropologists,  
Sociologists, Physiologists, Students that are going to be  
Cardiologists or Patients that ...well you get the gist!

So together, we’ll tackle the complex issues of the healthcare system.  
“Together, we can rethink health.”

Previous Script versions :

At the institute for innovation and improvement,
our purpose is to improve our healthcare and wellbeing by turning ideas into reality.

Suppose… (let’s say)
Billie broke a leg on her stage rehearsal
And now has to spend weeks in a cast.
If only she could swallow some nanobots and do a reversal,
Or have drones take her place in class?

Ben wonders if Mum could choose her carer and get a good night’s sleep;
Or find out how dad’s doing by a click of a button which also makes a “beep?”

If Bianca could see her patients in their homes,
Or perform a surgery wherever she roams,
Surely we don't always have to be a square?
Let's start to make sense of our healthcare!

Backed by the Waitemata DHB,
i3 is for the people, and that’s you!
Together we can tackle the complex and constantly evolving issues of the healthcare system.

Combining Human centered design, a clinically led approach driven by data and insights,
we can all have a say and take action in improving how our healthcare works for (all of) us.

So Billie, Ben and Bianca’s brilliant ideas won’t be left sitting in the waiting room.

We don’t claim to know all the answers…
But we’re here to start with the questions!

Feedback: Rhyme structure, Story structure, Tone, Scenarios to explain what i3 has done/will do/currently doing.

Learnings: Rhyme is suitable for established brands, heart warming, fuzzy feelings- for this project we are more about challenging the status quo

Art direction - references

After discussing the art direction based on the initial chats and also the latest discussions,

We have arrived at these references:
1.  https://vimeo.com/176508773   (madam president)
2. https://vimeo.com/208464966  (sex in space)
Which we will use as a guide to develop i3’s own style-frames.

* Because these references are specifically made for contents that are styled for "factual and explanatory" scripts
and our video is of a promotional nature - we would need to develop it into our one that best suits our promotional video.

Here are some of the points we have discussed:
-Not overly “cartoony” in animation style.
-A style that is visually arresting, using photos and images as textures combined with graphical elements to give it depth and some sense of maturity.
-Colour-wise to be more energetic than the pastel tones in these references.

Previous Art Direction development :

Development: alt text

Previous visual references :


Next Step: Storyboard & Developed Styleframe