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Inugo initial chat

Inugo Initial chat

Manali Bhatia
Sam Barclay,
Prepared by Han Law
24th January 2018


Initial Chat - overview of potential work

- Using Isometric aesthetics as a guideline, develop a distinctive visual style that is unique to Inugo.
- Designing graphics ( info-graphics, illustrations ) based on the Inugo brand guides
- Creating an animated logo for Inugo.
- Creating sets of short animated graphical clips to help illustrate the various scenarios and get messages across using clean, clear graphics.
- Creating tutorial/explainer videos (in the future), and/or Promo videos to engage audience, helping with conversion rates.

Examples of short animated clips.

Extracted from some of our previous projects covering various graphical styles (not all of them isometric in design, but all 'graphical').
Most of these clips are extracted post the creation/launch of the minute-long promo/explainer animated videos, the clips that are chopped up are used in various marketing or presentation platforms.
every project has different strategies and the animations serve different purposes -  we'll work together to find the most suitable order for Inugo.

Below are some examples extracted from these projects:
1. Paypr - Digital Receipts
2. Ranqx - Business Benchmarking
3. Auckland University Interactive map
4. TransferCar - From A to B for free
5. Vigil Health Monitoring


Next Steps

Indicative ball park costs for initial reference:
Creating the GIF's individually based on a "guestimate" ranges between NZD600- 1500+ per clip (hugely depending on complexity and total amounts of clips we will be making as a set)
Which is why we always try to understand your bigger picture and make suggestions to make sure that the animations/graphics we create will compliment your marketing and communications plan/strategy,  whether it's creating a set of bite-sized graphics aimed at getting specific messages across, or if it is actually more effective to create a solid piece of core-creative which we can chew on and pullout bits and pieces for other usages. Maybe it is more effective to first create some direct, static, non-animated graphics - as a first stage? 

The next step is to start our conversation and chat about some of the details: 

1. Specifics on messaging for the content we will need to create-
what messages do we want to say- what are the messages which need animation/graphics?

2. Defining the Objective and role of these animations/graphics,
where will they primarily be seen, what do they need to achieve?

3. Working with you to define what is the overall Tone and Voice of the brand and it's graphics?
(we briefly chatted about avoiding the typical cheesiness/goofyness found in a lot of the NZ ads)- First impressions, we really like "Inugo" a lot as a brand name. it's got a no-nonsense easy to use, "that's it, Simple" kind of simplicity, as if hinting at a challenge to the status quo of Parking, the unnecessary stresses it is associated with, and in actual fact, how parking should be as simple as " In you go". We think the arrow in the 'n' is a good place to start as it embodies the concept of the product/service.

4. We will come up with some suggestions for the creative (ideas and concepts)
- then work with you to refine a suitable approach.

5. Working with you to define the scope of the project.
What we need to create, and when.