Pixelpush is a boutique multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on video.



We're looking for:
American accent- voice talents

Voice-talent for animated videos.
( freelance /project fee )

The Company:
We are a tight team of creatives passionate in understanding our client’s problems and creating bespoke designs and videos to help tell their stories. Constantly curious about different ways to tell different stories, we like to fuse what’s digital with the analog.

The Role:
The videos we create often have a voice-over track accompanying the visuals.
We are always looking to expand our selection for voice-talents particularly with a ‘neutral’ American accent. Lots of our projects have an easy-going/down to earth tone and voice, we like the fun and ‘matter of fact’ honest tone without being sarcastic or passive aggressive.
An example here: http://www.pixelpush.co.nz/no-issue/

We’re looking for:
- 23-35 both Male & Female American voices.
- Clear voice and ability to speak with natural character. (not radio-broadcast like read) ( we don’t mind husky voice qualities or quirks. that’s genuine )
- Experience in Audio work would be great but not necessary- prefer if direct-able.

The process: 
- get in touch with jobs@pixelpush.co.nz to express interest.
- We will get back to you with a couple lines of script for a test read based on our current project. You can record this just on your phone in a quiet room or in a car. (to eliminate echoes) don’t worry- this is just a test read for us to share with client.
- We will share your sample read along with any other options to client. and notify you if you are selected or not. We will also discuss project fees with you.
- If not selected, we will keep you on file for future opportunities.
- if selected, we will discuss and arrange for a studio recording in Auckland CBD with the project’s creative director/producer for an hour.

To get in touch, please send through a quick hello to jobs@pixelpush.co.nz