Pixelpush is a boutique multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on video.

Kosmonavt Music Video

Music Video

Ha The Unclear - Kosmonavt

Project details:

We were deeply involved in the creation of this Music Video for the upcoming new band Ha the Unclear through the many iterations that the project's gone through. (from the early stages of ideation). Working closely with director Joseph Michael and his team, our role was to support the production and post production vfx, and worked on cleaning up footage, stabilisation, colour grading as well as some subtle effects.

Collaboration between: Fluke Creative | Pixelpush | Rhys Bills Strange


Production // Fluke Creative

Director // Joseph Michael, Ryan J McNeill

Director Of Photography // Joseph Michael

Edit // Jason Nicholls, Thomas Heleta
Grading // Jason Nicholls, Josh Ruha

VFX Technical // Han Law

Animation, VFX // Josh Ruha, Han Law

Sound design // Rhys Bills Strange