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Promo video



Design your own brand with AI

Looka is an AI-assisted design software which enables users themselves to design their own brand.
We’ve been tasked to create an engaging analog-animated promotional video to introduce their new rebrand (formerly Logojoy).
To pique viewers’ interests, help them understand what Looka is, and how easily they can use it to help launch their business.

As designers, we all know too well that not all projects are created equal and one size definitely doesn’t fit all.
Different levels of solutions need to be paired with different clients that come with different levels of requirements (and budgets).
Working with Looka to identify their main target audience - we’ve created a communication piece in the tone, voice, look and feel
which aims to speak to the prospective user in an inviting, supportive, down to earth and constructive manner.

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Client // Looka (formerly Logojoy) ( Cassandra King, Erin Letson )
Direction // Siew Wee H'ng
Producing // Han Law
Storyboard, Style & Art Direction // Siew Wee H'ng, Han Law
Stopmotion & Digital Animation, Post production // Siew Wee H'ng, Min Pon, Han Law
Sound Design // Jhen Ken Thoo