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NZ Spinal Trust

Campaign video

SPInal Injuries- it can happen to anyone

Project details:

Spinal injury is a heavy topic. yet it is something that can happen to anyone. it's not a flu that will go away so you can feel better.

NZST came to us and wanted a video to help them with the donation appeal- the first one they had done in 15years.

With the team based all across different parts of the country,  we worked remotely and discussed ideas drawn from real-life experiences, spoke about the onset of depression, the challenges and how gloomy it must be when someone's world is turned upside down in an instant- it is real and tough. but also spoke about fine examples of people like Mike who didn't let it bring down- with the support of Spinal trust.

We wanted to create a video that has  clean and simple message, using graphics we were able to address the issue to a wider demographic, However we were cautious in the design of the elements to make sure that the graphics stayed relevant and did not look joke-like.

The result? the video that has helped the campaign reach it's target of initial 50k. 





Client // NZ Spinal Trust

Ideation & Creative // Graydon Pieterse, Dylan du plessis, Han Law, 
Producer // Ryan Larraman
Script  // Dylan du plessis, 
Art & Animation Direction // Siew Wee H'ng
Animation // Mathias Menten
Sound Design // Jhen Ken Thoo, Ke Xin Law