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Product video

Paypr by Paymark - Less Paper, More Paypr

Project details:

Paypr was looking to make a video for their product, a hassle free solution to end the receipt crisis. Shining light on digital technology that will revolution how we do receipt banking forever

Their product was about making their customer’s lives easier, so that they can take the hassle out of receipt banking and put more focus on business time than admin time. This new technology enables users to instantly record, store and send their receipt data back to xero in one simple transaction minimizing the middle man.

In order to convey the idea of a smooth workflow, We worked closely with our good friends and colleagues Fluke Creative to showcase just how easy to use their new technology is by creating a beautiful and clear short film that encompasses what Paypr is all about. 

It's time to throw away your paper receipts that are stored in that dungy old shoe box and shine light on the new technology that is revolutionising the receipt banking world. 

Less Paper, More Paypr!


Client // Phillip McCraken, Celia Steenhulsen
Script, Direction // Ryan McNeill, Han Law
Storyboard & Art Direction // Han Law, Josh Ruha, Siew Wee H'ng
Motion Graphics // 
Han Law, Josh Ruha, Siew Wee H'ng
Production, Camera & Gear support // Joseph Michael, Jason Nicholls, Ryan McNeill ( Fluke Creative )

Project Team //
Behind-the-scenes edit // Fluke Creative
Acting Talent // Grace Taylor
Audio Recording // Shaun Clifford

Special Thanks //
The team at Paypr
Fluke Creative (Production Support)
Major Sprout (Location Shot)