Pixelpush is a boutique multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on video.


Some references we like

Outline + bold block colours: clean yet full of dynamism


This reference is very close to what we're thinking!

Overall design.

Clean. Organic lines that are simple yet fluid.
A harmonious palette of block colours and subtle textures.

Character design:
Created using organic strokes and a fresh palette of colours and subtle textures, the characters can be personable, attractive yet avoid having to be unnecessarily associated with any particular ethnicity or social backgrounds. The organic hand drawn quality stroke would convey a sense of familiarity, dynamism and fluidity yet allowing it to have a respectable feel. (Fun but not kiddish) 

The background should be clean, minimalistic and graphical, if elements and scenes are needed, the designs should be made with clean lines and block shapes to help the character stand out.