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Redwall Restaurant

Brand video

Brand video


Redwall 1939 introduces the Chinese state banquet to NZ.

find out more: http://redwall1939.co.nz/



Client // Redwall 1939
Agency // Pin Solutions
Joyce Liu

Direction // Siew Wee H'ng, Ryan McNeill
Producing (China & NZ) // Han Law
Concept, Story // Siew Wee H'ng
Script // Siew Wee H’ng, Ryan McNeill
Sound recording // Ryan McNeill
DOP // Simon Godsiff
Assistant DOP // Jason Nicholls
Sound Design // Jhen Ken Thoo
Edit // Simon Godsiff, Jason Nicholls
Location// Chengdu & Chongqing(China), Parnell Rose Gardens(Auckland)