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Product video

ROLL - Get back to doing what you love!

Project details:

Roll came to us looking to make a video for their product, an end-to-end one stop business solution.

Their product was about making their customer’s lives easier, so that they can get back to doing what they loved doing. The idea of empowering one to get back to doing what they love, sang out to us, and we knew that giving it a special aesthetic treatment using real-world materials would allow the message about a product crafted with passion to stand out loud and clear.

In order to convey the idea of a smooth workflow, We came up with a marble-run concept of using a rolling ball running through the entire length of the video, through scenarios and obstacles to guide the narration and take the viewer through a visual journey that would convey that sense of flow along with the messages about the product.

The end result echoes a complicated process made to look and feel simple. 
--Which is exactly what the product is made to do!

Check out the awesome making-of video edited by Tammie Leong here:


Client // ROLL  ( Tristan Marris, Mark Osborne, Candice Rae Hindriksen )

Script & Direction // Han Law
Art & Animation Direction // Siew Wee H'ng
Motion Graphics // Josh Ruha
Sound Design // Jhen Ken Thoo, Ke Xin Law

Core Production Team //
Han Law . Siew Wee H'ng . Josh Ruha

Project Team //
Behind-the-scenes edit // Tammie Leong.
Voice Talent // Gilaad Amir
Audio Recording // Nigel Foster ( Sale St Studio )
Laser Cut // Helen Jarvis ( Work-I-Shop )
Camera & Gear support // Joseph Michael, Jason Nicholls ( Fluke Creative )

Special Thanks //
Tammie Leong, Amane Cardenas,
Dylan du Plessis, Sophie Margaret Gerta,
Luke Phillips, Rob Silverton, Pippa Silverton,
Jia Ming, Ling Khor & the Auckland BizDojo family.