Pixelpush is a boutique multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on video.

Attack of the Killer Shrimp

Campaign video

"Killer Shrimp" attacks Auckland!

Project details:

We were approached by Mexicali Fresh (A mexican food franchise based in New Zealand.) To create an animation that would represent their latest addition to their mexican food range (Killer Shrimp Taco.) Mexicali's identity is composed of a combination of the californian skate & surf culture from the 80's. We gathered inspired for this project from horror movies that ranged throughout the 50's & 60's mixing the color palette with that from the californian skate & surf culture to create the animation you see here. This animation was played throughout Mexicali's franchises. 

Collaboration between: Pixelpush | Luc Design  


Client // Mexicali Fresh
Design // Luc Design, Pixelpush
Character Design // Han Law
Animation // Han Law